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Woodburn to Broadwater Service Road

Description of Works –

Construction of the Woodburn-Broadwater Service Road between CH 137.200 and CH 140.700 of the main alignment adjacent to the existing Pacific Highway through the Broadwater National Park, including all clearing and grubbing, earthworks, drainage, pavement, road barriers, fencing, road furniture, Land scaping, Site rehabilitation and other ancillary works required to execute scope of works.

Project Scope includes;

  • 147,600m3 of imported general fill material;
  • 41,400m3 of imported E6 earth fill foundation material;
  • 11,400m3 of imported E7 rockfill foundation material;
  • Design and Construction of Temporary Intersection / Site Access at the Northern end of the Broadwater National Park, Approximate Ch 140.700;
  • Design and Construction of Temporary Intersection / Site Access at approximate Ch 145.600;
  • Traffic Management;
  • Temporary Koala Fencing;
  • Soil and Water Management Control Measures;
  • Clearing, Grubbing and Production and Stockpiling of Mulch;
  • Drainage structures and box culverts;
  • Construction of a two-span underbridge over Fauna Passage 2 (BC57);
  • 39,327m2 of Bound Pavement Course;
  • 83,110m2 of heavy duty dense grade asphalt;
  • Safety barrier systems;
  • Pavement markings;
  • Permanent fencing.




Quick Facts

  • Location - Pacific Highway between Woodburn and Broadwater
  • Start Date - February 2017
  • Completion Date - December 2017
  • Value - $40M
  • Client - Roads and Maritime Services