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Corymbia Estate Civil & Earthworks

Description of Works –

  • Installation of all utilities to facilitate 110 allotments
  • Sewer including manholes, maintenance shafts and house connections
  • Stormwater Drainage including pipes manholes and gully pits
  • Water Reticulation including all fittings, bends and meter boxes
  • Construction of clay paved roads on cement treated base
  • Construction of concrete kerb
  • Excavation of road box for pavement design
  • Excavate trenches and backfill
  • CTB and clay paved road
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Cut to Fill
  • Export material offsite
  • Construction of sandstone and versaloc retaining walls
  • Construction of trunk main sewer
  • Construction of sediment basins

Special Features –

  • Retaining Walls
  • Export of materials offsite
  • Construction of sewer trunk main


Quick Facts

  • Location - Edgecliff Drive, Sanctuary Cove QLD
  • Start Date - February 2016
  • Completion Date - August 2016
  • Client - Mulpha Sanctuary Cove Developments Pty Ltd