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Cardwell Foreshore Reconstruction PEND 1607

Description of Works –

Civil Works

Full Pavement Reconstruction of Bruce Highway and local roads

  • 1.8km long section of an average 16m wide pavement (Bruce Highway)
  • 2km of local Access Roads.
  • 5 Intersection reconstructions and 1 new roundabout construction
  • Granular unbound pavements
  • Asphalt Pavement
  • Two coat seal pavements
  • Design and construct of two carparks
  • Stormwater piped culvert crossings
  • Demolition of kerbs, pathways, culverts and utilities
  • New kerbs, pathways, street lighting and road furniture
  • Decorative traffic islands
  • New electrical road lighting

Rock Wall

Construction of 900m of Seawall along the foreshore in a tidal environment.

  • Blast, sort and process 180,000t of rock armour and haul to site
  • 60,000m3 of cut in marine environment to RL – 2.5m
  • 19,000m3 of ASS excavation and treatment in an offsite ASS treatment area
  • Dewatering and treatment of water before discharge
  • Sheet piling to work zone


Construction of landscaping features, structures and play equipment along the Cardwell foreshore (3.5km)

  • Design and construct of numerous structural landscaping features such as amphitheatres, stairs structures, boardwalks, observation platforms and playground structures.
  • 20,000m2 of decorative concrete shared pathway
  • Two Play Ground facilities
  • Basketball court
  • Amenity blocks
  • Design and construct irrigation reticulation
  • Design and construct park lighting

 Special Features –

  • Complex traffic management switching and staging
  • Impeding construction works that interface with the road users on the Bruce Highway through Cardwell, shops, residents, schools, police station, service stations, council pool, tourist information centre and basketball court.
  • Electrical lighting and switching in restricted working areas.
  • Construction of Sea Wall in tidal environment
  • Environmental management and treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils

In 2014, this project was a finalist in the Wildcard category at the UDIA QLD Awards for Excellence and a finalist in Category 4 (projects $20 million to $25 million) in the QLD branch CCF Earth Awards. Read the CCF award submission here.



Quick Facts

  • Location - Cardwell QLD
  • Start Date - July 2012
  • Completion Date - November 2013
  • Value - $30.5 Million
  • Client - Department of Transport Main Roads QLD
  • Consultant - SKM



  • Cardwell Reconstruction QLD Finalist 2014

    The CCF Earth Awards 2014 – Category 4 Projects $20 Million to $75 Million – Finalist for Cardwell Reconstruction   Download PDF