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SEE Civil

SEE Civil has four main divisions, urban development, infrastructure, material processing and plant management. These four divisions are the core business allowing us to undertake a broad range of civil projects.
Our company has extensive experience in civil construction employing professional project managers, engineers, surveyors, and highly skilled plant operators. SEE Civil owns and operates a large civil plant and equipment fleet allowing the team to manage all aspects of project delivery.


Quarry Solutions

SEE Civil owns and operates its own quarries as well as an extensive range of mobile crushing and screening plant. It has the capability and experience to process a full range of road base and aggregate materials on site to our clients required specification. Quarry Solutions also has the capability to undertake dredging works and hydro-transportation to provide the total “quarry solution”.

Rock Block


RockBlock is a unique large retaining wall system that can maximise land use. Designed and manufactured for use in large residential or industrial estates this sandstone like retaining wall is engineered to meet individual client or project specifications. Individual blocks can be as large as 4m x 1m x 1m and weigh up to 5 tonne, allowing for quick easy installation by our specialised team.


Greenview Developments

Greenview Developments is the land development division of SEE Civil. Their activities include land acquisitions and sales in boutique residential subdivisions and industrial estates.